About JAG Housing

About JAG Housing

Jag Housing is located off the main street of Bloomsburg, Pa and offers a large selection of housing opportunities for students of Bloomsburg University.

Let us introduce to you Jag Housing

The Jag Housing office is located right off of Main Street Bloomsburg and offers a large selection of housing opportunities for students of Bloomsburg University. We are not affliated with Bloomsburg University. Started over 20 years ago, Jag Housing has become a reliable partner in student accommodation management across Bloomsburg. Our company has been built on a team of passionate, motivated, and talented professionals who know what student’s off campus experience is about. We have many different locations available to lease that can house from 1 student to 8 students.

About Jag Housing

From the very first years of our business, we realized the need to provide affordable and quality accommodation for BU students. Our goal was to create unique projects specially designed for student’s purposes. We know that student housing is a place where students spend a lot of time, and we are striving to make our properties like a second home for them. Our dedicated team renovates the property right from scratch what makes it possible to create extraordinary and functional places for student living. We pay very close attention to every little detail to make sure our clients can throw themselves into studying without any distractions of household matters. Jag Housing is extremely proud of each project we have done and consider them to reflect the many years of hard work and efforts we put into designing houses and apartments of truly exceptional quality for students in Bloomsburg, PA.

Here, at Jag Housing, we aren’t just about managing and maintaining student housing properties. We built and designed every housing unit we own from the ground up to provide excellent services to our clients. We share your desires for making these years of your life exciting and unforgettable. Over 20 years in this business - no matter what kind of housing you're looking for, we can help.

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If you still have any questions about lease details or you want to take a closer look at our off campus locations, please contact Jag Housing using our website. We are always glad to help every student find the ideal apartment for comfortable living.

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